Book 2

The Saxons

Chapter 1

The Saxons 449 AD, To The Introduction of Christianity 597 AD.

The Saxons

Invasions by Picts and Scots

Fables and Traditions of the Period

Contemporaneous Accounts of Them

Divided State of British Tribes

Origin of the Saxons and Derivation of the Name

The Saxon Kingdoms

Their Character Habits and Leaders

Successive Landings and Formation of States

The Saxon Kingdoms

Introduction of Christianity

Mission of Augustine and Introduction of Christianity

Social Condition at the Transition Period


Laws of Ethelbert of Kent

Chapter 2

From Ethelbert 597 AD, To The Invasion of The Northmen 827 AD.

Ethelbert of Kent

Ethelbert of Kent

Laws of Ethelbert of Kent

Union of Bernicia and Deira, as Northumbria

Reign and Wars of Penda

Kings Alfred and Ethelbald

Alfred of Northumbria’s Contest with Wilfrid and the Pope

Contest for Supremacy Between Mercia and Wessex

Modes of Punishment

King Egbert

History of Each Kingdom

Supremacy of Wessex Established

Invasion of the Northmen

Invasion of the Northmen

Sketch of Their History and Character



Chapter 3

Egbert from 827 AD, To 857 AD.


Character of Egbert

Repeated Incursions by the Danes

Succeeded by Ethelwulf

His Pilgrimage to Rome

Revolt under Ethelbald, and Division of the kingdom

The Clergy and The Monasteries

Assumed Origin of Tithes

Condition of the Monks and Clergy

Archbishop Theodore

Venerable Bede

The Witenagemot

Origin and Powers of the Witenagemot

The Witenagemot

Nature of the kingly Dignity

The Process of Governing


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