Book 1

The British and Roman Periods

Book 1, Illustrations


Chapter 1


Authors Notes

Chapter 2

The Early Britons

Pre-Historic Ages

Early British Fables and Legends

Country Known to the Greeks

First Inhabitants the Celtae and the Belgae

Sources of Information

Personal Appearance Dress Food and Dwellings

General Character

Warlike Attainments

Monuments at Stonehenge and Avebury

The Druids

Their Probable Origin


Chapter 3

From The Landing Of Julius Caesar 55 BC, To The Arrival Of Julius Agricola 78 AD.

Julius Caesar

His Antecedents and Ambition

Resolves on Crossing from Gaul to Britain

First Visit 55 BC

The Return to Gaul

Second Visit 54 BC

Divisions Among the British Tribes

The Romans Withdraw


Policy of Succeeding Emperors

Invasion Under Claudius 43 AD

Origin of Name Britannia

Proprietorships of Aulus and Ostorins

Native resistance

Suetonius Conquers Mona

Revolt Under Boadicea

Capture of Londinium and of Verulamium

The Romans Revenge

The Romans Revenge


Chapter 4

From the Arrival of Julius Agricola 77 AD, to the Time of Contantius Chlorus 306 AD.


Policy of Agricola

Its Success

Policy of Agricola

Treatment of Conquered Provinces by the Romans

Hadrian’s Wall

Visit of the Emperor Severus, who Dies at York

Carausius Seizes Supreme Power, Assassinated by Allectus, Who Succeeds

Visit of the Emperor Severus, who Dies at York

Roman Roads and Towns

Results of the Roman Occupancy




Roman Mode of Government


Trades and Manufactories

Roman Memorial of Death

Roman Memorial of Death

Mode of Government


Chapter 5

From The Time Of Constantius 296 AD, To The Departure Of The Romans 410 AD.

Christianity in Britain

The Diocletian Persecution

Christianity in Britain

Remains of Roman Worship

Altars and Their Inscriptions

Decline of the Roman Power

Decline of the Roman Power

Incursions of Northern Barbarians

Effect Upon Britain

The Romans Leave Britain

The Romans Leave Britain

Condition of the Country and People When the Romans Left



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