Sweyn prepares for the Conquest of England

Book 2, Chapter 9, Edward 975 AD to 1016 AD – Thurkill Ravages England


At length, after ravaging thirteen counties,. Thurkill sold his services to Ethelred for forty eight thousand pounds, and undertook to become his ally. Sweyn affected to be indignant at this, (although it may be conjectured that it was done with his connivance, if not at his order,) and announced his intention of forthwith undertaking the conquest of England, a project which these bold Northmen had never before avowed, being content with occasional attacks for purposes of plunder. As soon as his preparations were completed, Sweyn sailed with a large fleet and entered the Humber.

 On his landing, the men of the Danelagh instantly declared for him, and in a very short time he was acknowledged by the whole of England north of Watling-street. The usual orders about indiscriminate fire, murder, and pillage were issued, and the country, which had not yet recovered from former desolations, was again ruthlessly traversed. Marching southwards, all the principal towns opened their gates to the conqueror, who proceeded to invest London, the only remaining stronghold faithful to Ethelred, and in which he had taken refuge.

Chapter 9, Edward the Martyr

Edward, Commonly Styled “the Martyr”

Elfrida’s Intrigues

Chapter 9, Ethelred

Reign of Ethelred

Dunstan’s Prophecy

Condition of the Country

Anglo-Saxons and Anglo-Danes

Fresh Attacks by the Northmen

They are Bribed to Depart

Origin of the Danegeld

Ethelred’s Marriage with Emma of Normandy

Massacre of the Danes

Chapter 9, Sweyn’s Revenge

Sweyn’s Vengeance

Murder of Archbishop Alphege

Levy for a Fleet

Chapter 9, Thurkill Ravages England

Its Failure

A Contemporary Picture

Sweyn prepares for the Conquest of England

Sweyn Dies and’ is Followed by Canute

Ethelred’s Flight and Return

Chapter 9, Edmund Ironside

Death of Ethelred

Divisions and Treachery among the English

Edmund Ironside Proclaimed King

Successive Battles with Canute

Partition of the Country

Brief Reign of Edmund


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