Brief Reign of Edmund

Book 2, Chapter 9, Edward 975 AD to 1016 AD – Edmund Ironside


This division of territory lasted but two months, being terminated by Edmund’s death, although the place and the mode of his decease are not known. An early tradition ascribes it to the perfidious Ethic, whose purpose was nut served by the recent bond of amity between the two sovereigns, and who is said to have bribed the chamberlains of Edmund to assassinate him. It is further said that on presenting himself to Canute after this, he was told he should be advanced above all the nobles of the realm, a promise which was fulfilled by his being hung by order of the king, but this, ‘like the end of Edmund, is involved in obscurity.

 In this way the Anglo-Saxon rule in England came to an end, for though it was subsequently restored for a short time, its real power and glory had departed. Edmund’s renown was long the theme of the common people’s songs and tales, and his character and deeds indicate that at an earlier period and under happier circumstances, he might have succeeded in stemming the fresh tide of invasion, in which case the future of his country would have assumed a different form.

Chapter 9, Edward the Martyr

Edward, Commonly Styled “the Martyr”

Elfrida’s Intrigues

Chapter 9, Ethelred

Reign of Ethelred

Dunstan’s Prophecy

Condition of the Country

Anglo-Saxons and Anglo-Danes

Fresh Attacks by the Northmen

They are Bribed to Depart

Origin of the Danegeld

Ethelred’s Marriage with Emma of Normandy

Massacre of the Danes

Chapter 9, Sweyn’s Revenge

Sweyn’s Vengeance

Murder of Archbishop Alphege

Levy for a Fleet

Chapter 9, Thurkill Ravages England

Its Failure

A Contemporary Picture

Sweyn prepares for the Conquest of England

Sweyn Dies and’ is Followed by Canute

Ethelred’s Flight and Return

Chapter 9, Edmund Ironside

Death of Ethelred

Divisions and Treachery among the English

Edmund Ironside Proclaimed King

Successive Battles with Canute

Partition of the Country

Brief Reign of Edmund


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