Edgar the Pacific

Book 2, Chapter 8, Edwy the Fair from 955 AD to 975 – Edwy the Fair

It is not clear whether Odo is chargeable with the deed, but that it was congenial to him is manifest from the terms in which it is spoken of by his monkish encomiasts and apologists. Soon afterwards Edwy died, either from grief or by assassination, being only nineteen years of age, and was followed by his brother Edgar, usually styled the Pacific, from the circumstance of no war having occurred during his reign. His disposition rendered him more acceptable to the priestly party than Edwy had been, and in his time the hierarchy attained to a position and influence which it had never attained before in England, and the effects of which were so important as to merit special reference.

Chapter 8, Edwy the Fair


Origin of Anglo Saxon Surnames

Conflicting Testimony Concerning Edwy

Incident on His Coronation Day

Treatment of Elgiva

Edgar the Pacific

Chapter 8, Origin of Monasteries in England

Introduction of Celibacy

Their Rules and Practice

The Benedictines

Chapter 8, Dunstan

Sketch of Dunstan

His Alleged Visions and Miracles

Becomes Abbot, Bishop and Archbishop

Chapter 8, Archbishop Dunstan and the Clergy

His Character and Policy

Aided by Bishops Oswald and Ethelwald

The Secular Clergy Supplanted by the Monks

King Edgar’s Private Life

The Worth of the Eulogies Pronounced on Him by the Monks

The Canons of Edgar

His Position Among the Anglo-Saxon Kings

Policy Towards the Danes of Northumbria


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