Outbreak in Northumbria

Book 2, Chapter 7, Alfred’s Children from 901 AD to 955 – Edred

Repenting of their precipitate submission, and encouraged by aid newly arrived from sea, they warily followed Edred and attacked the rear of his army near York, during the return home. Their temerity brought upon them signal vengeance. Edred instantly set his troops in motion again towards Northumbria, and completely desolated the land, inflicting greater punishment upon it, and making a more effectual conquest than had ever been done before.

 To render his victory abiding, he removed the principal thanes, he divided the country, like the rest of England, into shires and wapentakes, he appointed new officers for Wessex and Mercia, under Osulf whom he named Earl of Northumberland, abolishing the kingly dignity which had before existed, he imprisoned Wulfstan, the archbishop of York, for a year in the castle of Withambury, for having sided with the rebels, he exacted a heavy ransom from the entire province, and annexed it to his own kingdom more effectually than it had been annexed before, even by his brother Athelstan. Northumbria never recovered its independence, or tried to assert a separate authority, afterwards.

Chapter 7, Alfred’s Children

Edward Becomes King

The Succession Disputed by Ethelwald

Partial Annexation of East Anglia and Northumbria

Mercia Added

Chapter 7, Athelstan

Athelstan, the First Monarch of England

Intrigue Against Him

Conflicts with the Anglo-Danes

Formidable Invasion

Decisive Battle of Brunanburh

The Anglo-Danes Revolt, and are Subdued

Chapter 7, Renown of Athelstan

Renown of Athelstan

Death and Character

Chapter 7, Edmund


Reign of Edmund

Murder of the King

Chapter 7, Edred

Edred Succeeds

A Strong Mind in a Frail Body

Outbreak in Northumbria

Rise of Statesmen

Dunstan and Turketul


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