Intrigue Against Him

Book 2, Chapter 7, Alfred’s Children from 901 AD to 955 – Athelstan

How long this practice had existed in England is not known, or whether it was originated in the case of Alfred. Some of the thanes intrigued to set up Edwin, a younger brother of Athelstan’s, and a plot was formed to seize the latter at Winchester and deprive him of sight, but the plot was discovered and defeated. Like his father, Athelstan soon began to be troubled by the Danes of the north and east of England, and in order to punish and repress them he marched with a large force into Northumbria, and after severe chastisement, compelled them to sue for peace.

 After the rough and ready fashion of those times, be gave to Sigtryg, the Danish king of Northumbria, his sister Editha in marriage, as a pledge of amity, but the barbarian soon tired of his wife, and repented of the change in religion which had been made a condition of the marriage, and abandoned both at the same time thereby provoking the wrath of his brother in law, who prepared to invade the country.

Chapter 7, Alfred’s Children

Edward Becomes King

The Succession Disputed by Ethelwald

Partial Annexation of East Anglia and Northumbria

Mercia Added

Chapter 7, Athelstan

Athelstan, the First Monarch of England

Intrigue Against Him

Conflicts with the Anglo-Danes

Formidable Invasion

Decisive Battle of Brunanburh

The Anglo-Danes Revolt, and are Subdued

Chapter 7, Renown of Athelstan

Renown of Athelstan

Death and Character

Chapter 7, Edmund


Reign of Edmund

Murder of the King

Chapter 7, Edred

Edred Succeeds

A Strong Mind in a Frail Body

Outbreak in Northumbria

Rise of Statesmen

Dunstan and Turketul


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