Edward Becomes King

Book 2, Chapter 7, Alfred’s Children from 901 AD to 955 – Alfred’s Children

The period of a century and a half which elapsed from the death of Alfred to the permanent establishment of a foreign family on the Anglo-Saxon throne, is occupied by the reign of fourteen kings, of whom ten were of the royal family of Wessex, and of the posterity of Alfred, three were Scandinavians, who during thirty years mastered their Saxon neighbours, one was a powerful lord who paved the way for the Norman invader by an assumption of the crown without the descent from Cerdic, or the fabulous pedigree from Odin, to which the choice of a Saxon king had hitherto been limited. This period was distinguished by some remarkable transactions, of which as they were productive of lasting and grave consequences, a summary statement is necessary.

 Alfred had six children by his queen Alswitha, a daughter of Ethelred, a Mercian ealdorman, and descended on her mother’s side from the famous Panda. Of these six children, the eldest son, Edmund, died before his father, the second son, Edward, succeeded to the throne, and the third, Ethelward, a very learned man, died in 922. There were three daughters, Ethelfleda, married to Ethelred of Mercia, a lady of great abilities, Ethelgiva, who chose a monastic life, and was appointed Abbess of a Nunnery which her father had founded at Shaftesbury, and Alfritha, or Ethelswitha, wedded to Baldwin, Earl of Flanders son of the famous Judith.

Chapter 7, Alfred’s Children

Edward Becomes King

The Succession Disputed by Ethelwald

Partial Annexation of East Anglia and Northumbria

Mercia Added

Chapter 7, Athelstan

Athelstan, the First Monarch of England

Intrigue Against Him

Conflicts with the Anglo-Danes

Formidable Invasion

Decisive Battle of Brunanburh

The Anglo-Danes Revolt, and are Subdued

Chapter 7, Renown of Athelstan

Renown of Athelstan

Death and Character

Chapter 7, Edmund


Reign of Edmund

Murder of the King

Chapter 7, Edred

Edred Succeeds

A Strong Mind in a Frail Body

Outbreak in Northumbria

Rise of Statesmen

Dunstan and Turketul


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