Book 2, Chapter 6, The End of the Ninth Century – Ancient Towns and Highways

Alfred, who had always the benefit of his people in view, thought it his duty not to neglect one thing in itself useful, and to the kingdom very ornamental, which was to bring the English to build their houses in a stronger and more regular manner than they had hitherto done. At that time, they hardly made use of anything but timber in building. If a house was built with any other materials, it was looked upon with wonder. Alfred having raised his palaces with stone or brick, the nobility by degrees began to imitate his example. But the generality of the people did not adopt that way of building till several ages after.

Chapter 6, Ancient Towns and Highways

Domestic life of the Anglo-Saxons



Bells and Churches

Ancient Towns


Chapter 6, Internal Fittings of Houses



Chapter 6, Anglo-Saxon Furniture

Anglo-Saxon Furniture

Food and Drink


Furniture and Beds

Household Economy

Treatment of Slaves

The Toilette

Costume and Ornaments

Chapter 6, Anglo Saxon Hunting and Travelling


Travelling and Inns


The Calendar

Chapter 6, Anglo-Saxon Language

Anglo-Saxon Language

Local and District Courts of Justice


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