Domestic life of the Anglo-Saxons

Book 2, Chapter 6, The End of the Ninth Century – Ancient Towns and Highways

The comparative tranquillity which the country enjoyed during the fifteen years which intervened from Alfred’s treaty with Guthrun to the fresh attacks under Hasting, and during the last four years of the great king’s reign, was favourable to the development of the social and industrial habits of the people. Sufficient information has been transmitted in chronicles, charters, grants, wills, and illuminations of the period and of the one immediately following, to afford a tolerably clear picture of the domestic life of England in the ninth and tenth centuries.

That picture remained in its broad outlines and colours during one hundred and fifty years which followed the death of king Alfred, for it was not until after the Norman conquest, and the introduction of continental dresses, manners, and habits, that any radical changes took place in the social condition of the people, nor were those changes effected without a stubborn resistance on the part of old prejudices and ancient customs, as will appear in a subsequent chapter.

Chapter 6, Ancient Towns and Highways

Domestic life of the Anglo-Saxons



Bells and Churches

Ancient Towns


Chapter 6, Internal Fittings of Houses



Chapter 6, Anglo-Saxon Furniture

Anglo-Saxon Furniture

Food and Drink


Furniture and Beds

Household Economy

Treatment of Slaves

The Toilette

Costume and Ornaments

Chapter 6, Anglo Saxon Hunting and Travelling


Travelling and Inns


The Calendar

Chapter 6, Anglo-Saxon Language

Anglo-Saxon Language

Local and District Courts of Justice


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