Educational efforts

Book 2, Chapter 5, 878 AD to 901 AD – Alfred’s Educational Efforts

When the king’s wise severity afterwards compelled them to study reading and literature, or to be degraded, they lamented that in their youth they had not been instructed, they thought their children happy who could be taught the liberal arts, and mourned their own misfortune, who had not learnt in their youth, because in advanced life they felt themselves too old to acquire what Alfred’s commands imposed as a duty. The suggestions contained in this interesting and remarkable document were soon carried into effect. It was not possible at once to supply all the proposed translations, but the king lost no time in establishing schools, requiring that the children of every freeman should acquire the arts of reading and writing. Those who were intended for public employments were to be instructed also in the Latin language.

Among the means which the king devised to remedy this deplorable state of things was the invitation of learned men to settle in the country. The names of some of these have occurred in the extracts just given, but the account left by Asser of the circumstances connected with his settlement in the country, and of the commencement of a friendship between Alfred and himself, alike so beneficial and so honourable on both sides, is sufficiently interesting to warrant quotation.

Chapter 5, Alfred’s Fortifications

Effects of the Danish Ravages

Alfred’s Measures for the Defence of the Country



New Attacks under Hasting

Chapter 5, Revolt in the Danelagh

Revolt in the Danelagh

Four Years of Conflict

Chapter 5, Alfred’s Educational Efforts

Ultimate Success

Hume’s Estimate of Alfred

His care for Internal Prosperity of the Country

State of Learning

Educational Efforts

Asser’s Friendship

His Computation and Division of Time

Chapter 5, Alfred’s Industry and Zeal

Alfred’s Industry and zeal

Application of his Revenue

Chapter 5, Saxon Laws

The Domboc

Saxon Laws

Alfred’s Watchfulness over the Executive

Origin of Jury

Divisions of the Country

Chapter 5, Summary of Alfred’s Character

The king’s Illness and Death

His Will

Summary of Character


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