The Danelagh

Book 2, Chapter 4, 857 AD to 878 AD – Treaty between Alfred and Guthrun


The territory thus ceded to Guthrun and to his successors took the name of Danelagh, or “Danelaw,” which it retained down to the time of the Norman Conquest. Practically, there were hence-forth two kings in the island, for Alfred did not acquire the sole sovereignty, that honour was not attained by any monarch for upwards of fifty years. Guthrun, with thirty of his chiefs, went to Aulre near Athelney, where they were baptized, Alfred being the sponsor for his old foe, who assumed the name of Athelstan.

After being royally entertained for twelve days the newly baptized departed laden with presents and addressed themselves to the arts of peace. What-ever may have been the precise degree of religious knowledge and conviction acquired in so short a process, one thing is certain that faith was strictly observed on the part of Guthrun towards Alfred and his subjects, the arrival in after times of fresh bands of Northmen, with strong temptations to break the treaty, being unavailing. After eight years of anxiety, fighting, plunder, and wanderings, Alfred found himself free to enter upon a course of wise administration for the good of the people over whom he ruled.

Chapter 4, Reign of Ethelbald

His Stepmother Judith and Her Descendants


Fresh Irruptions of the Danes

Ragnar Lodbrog

St. Edmund

Chapter 4, Destruction of Croyland Abbey

Destruction of Croyland Abbey

Numerous Battles between the Danes and the Saxons

Accession of Ethelred

Chapter 4, Alfred the Great

Alfred the Great

Chapter 4, Fresh Troubles with the Danes

Fresh Troubles

Re-Appearance of Alfred

Chapter 4, Treaty between him and Guthrun

Treaty between him and Guthrun

Temporary retirement of the king to Athelney

Overthrow of Ubbo

The Danelagh


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