St. Edmund

Book 2, Chapter 4, 857 AD to 878 AD – Reign of Ethelbald


In one of these early battles, Osbert was slain, and in another, Ella had the misfortune to be captured and was subjected to the excruciating torture known among the Northmen as “at rista orn,” from the supposed resemblance of the victim of the figure of an eagle. His ribs were divided from the spine, and spread out, the lungs were drawn through the opening, and salt was rubbed into the wounds. He was then allowed to linger until death put an end to his sufferings. Dreadful as this narration is, it serves to show the character of the foe with whom the nation had to deal, and who, for about twelve years, seemed only too likely to extirpate the Anglo-Saxons.

 After their ravages in Northumbria, Inguar and Ubbo divided their forces, and the former made as attack upon East Anglia, the king of which deeming it useless to resist, and refusing to abandon his people and fly elsewhere, was tied to a tree and shot with arrows, yet so as not to wound a vital part, after which he was beheaded. His maimed body was interred at the place now known as Bury St. Edmund’s, so called after the king, who was canonized as a saint, and venerated as a martyr.

Chapter 4, Reign of Ethelbald

His Stepmother Judith and Her Descendants


Fresh Irruptions of the Danes

Ragnar Lodbrog

St. Edmund

Chapter 4, Destruction of Croyland Abbey

Destruction of Croyland Abbey

Numerous Battles between the Danes and the Saxons

Accession of Ethelred

Chapter 4, Alfred the Great

Alfred the Great

Chapter 4, Fresh Troubles with the Danes

Fresh Troubles

Re-Appearance of Alfred

Chapter 4, Treaty between him and Guthrun

Treaty between him and Guthrun

Temporary retirement of the king to Athelney

Overthrow of Ubbo

The Danelagh


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