Repeated Incursions by the Danes

Book 2, Chapter 3, 827 AD to 857 AD – Egbert – Continued


His chief troubles were caused by the Danes, whose frequent inroads gave him constant occupation, and taxed his skill and resources to the utmost. In 832 they landed on the Isle of Sheppey, and having pillaged all within reach, they escaped with impunity. The next year they experienced a check at Charmouth, in Dorsetshire, where they landed from thirty five ships and were encountered by Egbert. In the desperate conflict which ensued, both sides suffered severely, and the Northmen made good their escape, but without the anticipated spoils. In 835 a large body of them landed in Cornwall, and by promises of friendship and help, induced the natives (whom the Saxons had never been able to subdue) to join in an attack on Devonshire, but they were met by Egbert, and a furious encounter took place at Hengsdown hill, ending in a total defeat of the marauders.

Chapter 3, Egbert

Character of Egbert

Repeated Incursions by the Danes

Succeeded by Ethelwulf

His Pilgrimage to Rome

Revolt under Ethelbald, and Division of the kingdom

Chapter 3, The Clergy and The Monasteries

Assumed Origin of Tithes

Condition of the Monks and Clergy

Archbishop Theodore

Venerable Bede

Chapter 3, The Witenagemot

Origin and Powers of the Witenagemot

The Witenagemot

Nature of the kingly Dignity

The Process of Governing


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