His Pilgrimage to Rome

Book 2, Chapter 3, 827 AD to 857 AD – Egbert – Continued


 It had been a common and growing practice with the Anglo Saxon kings and thanes to make pilgrimages to Rome, and the practice had been stimulated by the exhortations of the clergy, for obvious reasons. Ethelwulf appears to have sent his youngest son, Alfred, in 833, under the charge of Swithin, Bishop of Winchester, and the pope, Leo IV, at the king’s request, anointed Alfred as the future king. Two years later, Ethelwulf himself went to Rome, where he remained for a year, taking with him costly presents for the pope, consisting of a crown of pure gold, weighing four pounds, two golden vessels, a sword, richly adorned, two golden images and valuable dresses. He also made gifts to the clergy, nobility, and people of Rome, and rebuilt the Saxon school or hospital which King Ina had founded.

Chapter 3, Egbert

Character of Egbert

Repeated Incursions by the Danes

Succeeded by Ethelwulf

His Pilgrimage to Rome

Revolt under Ethelbald, and Division of the kingdom

Chapter 3, The Clergy and The Monasteries

Assumed Origin of Tithes

Condition of the Monks and Clergy

Archbishop Theodore

Venerable Bede

Chapter 3, The Witenagemot

Origin and Powers of the Witenagemot

The Witenagemot

Nature of the kingly Dignity

The Process of Governing


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