Ethelbert of Kent

Book 2, Chapter 2, 597 AD to 827 AD – Ethelbert of Kent

 Ethelbert, the fourth king of Kent, was descended from Hengist, and has already been referred to as the first Saxon monarch to accept Christianity. He was also the first to make aggressive war upon the neighbouring states, although their people were of the same lineage as himself and thus commenced a long series of conflicts, which lasted for nearly one hundred and fifty years. His first attempt was made A.D. 568, when he invaded the kingdom of Wessex, under Cealwin, by whom he was repelled with ignominy and loss, and who seemed likely to impose upon Ethelbert and the kingdom of Kent that subjection which Ethelbert had sought to fix upon him. The death of Cealwin shortly afterwards, gave safety to Kent, and Ethelbert seems to have profited by this sharp experience.

Chapter 2, Ethelbert of Kent

Ethelbert of Kent

Laws of Ethelbert of Kent

Union of Bernicia and Deira, as Northumbria

Reign and Wars of Penda

Chapter 2, Kings Alfred and Ethelbald

Alfred of Northumbria’s Contest with Wilfrid and the Pope

Contest for Supremacy Between Mercia and Wessex

Modes of Punishment

Chapter 2, King Egbert

History of Each Kingdom

Supremacy of Wessex Established

Chapter 2, Invasion of the Northmen

Invasion of the Northmen

Sketch of Their History and Character


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