Chapter 1, Authorities

Book 2, Chapter 1, 449 AD to 597 AD – Introduction of Christianity – Continued

Bede’s Eccl. Hist.

Gale’s Hist. Scrip. xv.

Saxon Chron.

Turner’s Anglo-Saxons.

Kemble’s Saxons in England.

Stillingfleet’s Orig. Brit.

Lingard’s Anglo-Saxon Church.

Collier’s Eccl. Hist.

Fuller’s Church Hist.

Strutt’s Horda Angel-cynnan.

Lappenberg’s England under Anglo-Saxon Kings.

Chapter 1, The Saxons

Invasions by Picts and Scots

Fables and Traditions of the Period

Contemporaneous Accounts of Them

Divided State of British Tribes

Origin of the Saxons and Derivation of the Name

Chapter 1, The Saxon Kingdoms

Their Character Habits and Leaders

Successive Landings and Formation of States

The Saxon Kingdoms

Chapter 1, Introduction of Christianity

Mission of Augustine and Introduction of Christianity

Social Condition at the Transition Period


Chapter 2, 597 AD to 827 AD – Laws of Ethelbert of Kent

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