Results of the Roman Occupancy

Book 1, Chapter 4, 78 AD to 306 AD – Roman Roads and Towns – Continued

The occupation of the country by the Romans had greatly changed its physical aspect and the social condition of its inhabitants. Traces of Roman works still remain, and it is not difficult to discover abounding effects of Roman civilization. One of the first, and greatest, and most beneficial public works was the construction of a marvellous system of military roads, planned so skilfully and executed so thoroughly, that some of them remain to this day. From Londinium, seven great roads radiated, which were maintained with much care, and served as communications between the various military posts. One of these, the great north road, followed a pretty direct course to York, and thence conducted on to the wall of Antoninus, between the Clyde and the Forth. A second led through the eastern parts. A third was the great North West road to Luguvallium (Carlisle), with an artery branching off through North Wales. A fourth opened up communications with, the extreme west. Three others served the south eastern countries. All these roads were inter connected at important points, and a glance at the map will show how completely they served the requirements of the population, and how judiciously they were adapted to the conformation of the country.

Chapter 4, Agricola

Policy of Agricola

Its Success

Treatment of Conquered Provinces by the Romans

Hadrian’s Wall

Visit of the Emperor Severus, Who Dies at York

Carausius Seizes on Supreme Power, He is Assassinated by Allectus, Who Succeeds Him

Chapter 4, Roman Roads and Towns

Results of the Roman Occupancy




Roman Mode of Government


Trades and Manufactories

Chapter 4, Roman Memorial of Death

Roman Memorial of Death

Mode of Government


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