Chapter 4, Authorities

Book 1, Chapter 4, 78 AD to 306 AD – Roman Mode of Government – Continued

Tacitus, Vit. Agric

Leland’s Itinerary

Horsley’s Britannia Romana


 Lysons’ Rel. Rom.-Brit

Roach Smith’s Collectanea Antique; Roman

London; and Antiquities of Richborough,

Reculver, and Lyme

Bruce’s Roman Wall

Wright’s Celt. Roman, and Saxon

Hawkins’ Silver Coins

Akerman’s Roman Coins relating to Britain

Chapter 4, Agricola

Policy of Agricola

Its Success

Treatment of Conquered Provinces by the Romans

Hadrian’s Wall

Visit of the Emperor Severus, Who Dies at York

Carausius Seizes on Supreme Power, He is Assassinated by Allectus, Who Succeeds Him

Chapter 4, Roman Roads and Towns

Results of the Roman Occupancy




Roman Mode of Government


Trades and Manufactories

Chapter 4, Roman Memorial of Death

Roman Memorial of Death

Mode of Government


Chapter 5, 296 AD to 410 AD – Christianity in Britain

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