The Return to Gaul

Book 1, Chapter 3, 55 BC to 78 AD – Julius Caesar – Continued

Being wishful to return to Gaul before the severe weather set in, and having repaired a sufficient number of transports, he granted the request, only exacting a double number of hostages to be sent after him. This promise not being kept, afforded a pretext for the greater invasion of the following year, which Caesar had resolved upon, and to prepare for which he ordered a number of ships to be got ready during the winter, of a build more adapted for a descent upon the coast. Mean while this brief campaign, though really inglorious and unsuccessful, was commemorated at Rome as the forerunner of splendid victories, and was magnified into the conquest of a new world, and a thanks giving of twenty days was decreed by the senate to the immortal gods.

Chapter 3, Julius Caesar

His Antecedents and Ambition

Resolves on Crossing from Gaul to Britain

First Visit 55 BC

The Return to Gaul

Second Visit 54 BC

Divisions Among the British Tribes

The Romans Withdraw

Chapter 3, Caractacus

Policy of Succeeding Emperors

Invasion Under Claudius 43 AD

Origin of Name Britannia

Proprietorships of Aulus and Ostorins

Native Resistance

Suetonius Conquers Mona

Revolt Under Boadicea

Capture of Londinium and of Verulamium

Chapter 3, The Romans Revenge

The Romans Revenge


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