Revolt Under Boadicea

Book 1, Chapter 3, 55 BC to 78 AD – Caractacus – Continued

 The crisis was brought on by the treatment of the ruling family of the Iceni, in Suffolk, by Catus Decianus, the procurator. Prasutajus, the chief or king of the Iceni, dying, left one half of his great wealth to the emperor Nero, and the other half to his family. The former bequest was designed to purchase the support and favour of the Romans, but Catus seized not only upon the entire property, but on the whole territory, treating it as a conquered province. Remonstrance and resistance on the part of the queen widow Boadicea led to her being publicly scourged, and to the chastity of her two daughters being violated. This instantly set fire to the train of ill feeling and opposition. The outraged Boadicea easily incited her tribe to rise in arms to avenge their wrongs, and the Trinobantes of Essex, and some smaller tribes, at once joined in the revolt. The absence of Suetonius was favourable, and the colony of Camulodunum first felt the popular storm. The place was taken and destroyed, the temple of Claudius especially being obnoxious’ to the Britons, and a small force of two hundred men, sent by Oaths for the defence, was exterminated. The ninth legion, which was stationed near, hastened to the rescue, but was entirely defeated, only the cavalry escaping, and that with great difficulty. Catus, the procurator, like most tyrants, fled before the storm which his own extortion had raised, and took refuge in Gaul, leaving his countrymen to their fate.

Chapter 3, Julius Caesar

His Antecedents and Ambition

Resolves on Crossing from Gaul to Britain

First Visit 55 BC

The Return to Gaul

Second Visit 54 BC

Divisions Among the British Tribes

The Romans Withdraw

Chapter 3, Caractacus

Policy of Succeeding Emperors

Invasion Under Claudius 43 AD

Origin of Name Britannia

Proprietorships of Aulus and Ostorins

Native Resistance

Suetonius Conquers Mona

Revolt Under Boadicea

Capture of Londinium and of Verulamium

Chapter 3, The Romans Revenge

The Romans Revenge


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