Invasion Under Claudius 43 AD

Book 1, Chapter 3, 55 BC to 78 AD – Caractacus – Continued

This invasion occurred in A. D. 43, ninety seven years after the second visit of Julius Caesar, and it was made at the alleged instigation of Beric, a British chieftain, whom domestic feuds nad compelled to flee the country, and who is said to have represented at Rome the facility with which the island could be conquered, owing to its internal dissensions. Aulus Plautius was sent with four legions, and a large body of German auxiliaries, numbering in all fifty thousand men. The Britons at first pursued their old policy of harassing the enemy by skirmishes, and by endeavouring to cut off the supplies, but in this they were not as successful as before, owing to the light armed German auxiliaries, who followed them through swamps and forests, where the Roman troops could not penetrate. Some of the native tribes submitted themselves, but Togodumnus and Caractacus bravely resisted, and fought with great heroism against overwhelming numbers. One battle, among the marshes on the north side of the Thames, was drawn, and though subsequently beaten, the Britons inflicted great losses upon the invaders. The Roman commander awaited the arrival of Claudius, who had announced his intention of undertaking the conquest in person, and who was present at the taking of Camulodunum (the modern Colchester), the capital of the Trinobantes, of which tribe Caractacus was the head. After receiving the submission of several small tribes, Claudius set out on his return, having been only sixteen days in the island, and returned to Rome after an absence of less than six months. There, a triumph was decreed to him, with the surname of Britannicus, and a coin was struck both in silver and gold, with a suitable inscription.

Chapter 3, Julius Caesar

His Antecedents and Ambition

Resolves on Crossing from Gaul to Britain

First Visit 55 BC

The Return to Gaul

Second Visit 54 BC

Divisions Among the British Tribes

The Romans Withdraw

Chapter 3, Caractacus

Policy of Succeeding Emperors

Invasion Under Claudius 43 AD

Origin of Name Britannia

Proprietorships of Aulus and Ostorins

Native Resistance

Suetonius Conquers Mona

Revolt Under Boadicea

Capture of Londinium and of Verulamium

Chapter 3, The Romans Revenge

The Romans Revenge


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