Capture of Londinium and of Verulamium

Book 1, Chapter 3, 55 BC to 78 AD – Caractacus – Continued

 Immediately on receiving the intelligence, Suetonius hastened back from Mona to Londinium (London) which was not yet honoured with the name of a Roman colony, though largely populated and a place of considerable trade. Warned by the fate of the ninth legion, and judging that his army was not sufficiently numerous to hold the town against the triumphant Britons, emboldened by success, he resolved on abandoning it, notwithstanding the entreaties of the inhabitants, allowing such of them as chose to accompany him. Scarcely had he evacuated the place when it was seized, pillaged, and fired by the natives, who put to the sword all whom they found, without distinction of sex or age. The same fate immediately befel Verulamium and it was computed that seventy thousand persons were destroyed in various ways by the infuriated Britons, who took a bloody revenge not only upon such Romans and foreign auxiliaries as fell in their way, but also upon such native tribes as had sided with or submitted to the foreigners.

Chapter 3, Julius Caesar

His Antecedents and Ambition

Resolves on Crossing from Gaul to Britain

First Visit 55 BC

The Return to Gaul

Second Visit 54 BC

Divisions Among the British Tribes

The Romans Withdraw

Chapter 3, Caractacus

Policy of Succeeding Emperors

Invasion Under Claudius 43 AD

Origin of Name Britannia

Proprietorships of Aulus and Ostorins

Native Resistance

Suetonius Conquers Mona

Revolt Under Boadicea

Capture of Londinium and of Verulamium

Chapter 3, The Romans Revenge

The Romans Revenge


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