Pre-Historic Ages

Book 1, Chapter 2, Pre 55 BC – The Early Britons

 The early history of every nation gradually fades away into tradition, legend, fable, and myth. It is always difficult, and it is sometimes impossible, to draw the line between historic certainty and fanciful invention. Indisputable facts and shadowy tales are mixed together in a confusion which the lapse of ages renders inextricable. The very names of some persons and places of ancient renown are by no means certain. While the deeds which have lent fame to those persons and places, owe much of their greatness and celebrity to the enchantment of distance. Oral testimony is certain to become modified in some particulars, and expanded in others, in the course of transmission from one generation to another, and the poetic license of bards is sure to invent allegories and figments where details are wanting, or where breadth of colour is desired. Even the geographers and travellers of ancient Greece and Rome drew largely upon their imagination, and indulged freely not only in the fabulous and the grotesque, but also in the impossible, when describing distant peoples and early periods.

Chapter 2, The Early Britons

Pre-Historic Ages

Early British Fables and Legends

Country Known to the Greeks

First Inhabitants the Celtae and the Belgae

Sources of Information

Personal Appearance Dress Food and Dwellings

General Character

Warlike Attainments

Monuments at Stonehenge and Avebury

The Druids

Their Probable Origin


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