Chapter 2 – Authorities

Book 1, Chapter 2, Pre 55 BC – The Early Britons – Continued

Caesar, de Bell. Gall.

 Tacitus, Vit. Agric. and Ann.

 Pliny, Hist. Nat.

Strabo, III, iv.

Diod. Sic. v.


Toland’s Hist. of Druids.

 Giles’s Hid. of Ancient Britons.

 Hoare’s Ancient Wiltshire.

 Wright’s Celt, Roman, and Saxon.

 Sharon Turner’s Anglo Saxons.

 Gale’s Hist. Scrip. xv.

Chapter 2, The Early Britons

Pre-Historic Ages

Early British Fables and Legends

Country Known to the Greeks

First Inhabitants the Celtae and the Belgae

Sources of Information

Personal Appearance Dress Food and Dwellings

General Character

Warlike Attainments

Monuments at Stonehenge and Avebury

The Druids

Their Probable Origin


Chapter 3, Julius Caesar

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