Patriotism, which is a love of country, and which prompts to service on behalf of country, also identifies all who possess it with the records of the Past, with its successes and failures, with its joys and sorrows, with its nobleness and its sin, with its renown and its disgrace, with its sufferings and its triumphs, with its struggles and its progress. The present generation is helping to make history for generations to come, not more surely than did those which are gone make history for the present; and thus, nationally, it lives both by anticipation and by retrospect.

English – History launched in August 2020 with a single goal, to share the pleasure of the stories and writings of ancestors which have long since past. W.H.S Aubrey wrote The National and Domestic History of England for this purpose, for those who have had the opportunity to develop an appreciation of the History of past life. In this website you will find the extracts from this title. Feel free to use this material as you please as it is in the Public Domain. Enjoy!

National and Domestic History of England

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